Ag testing Brno
mobile testing for companies and enterprises

Ag Test Point Brno - Antigen testing for insured persons and self-payers in Brno

We provide free testing for the presence of the Covid-19 virus for policyholders, but also paid testing for self-payers. Our test site is located in the lower car park of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT in the Technology Park in Brno, Králové Pole. We perform antigen tests in stationary cells and the actual capacity is 10 people per 10 minutes for one collection cell. Free testing for insured persons is allowed every 3 days. Of course, self-payers are not limited in any way. Reservations are possible on our reservation portal You can find more information on our home page.

Mobile Testing - Mobile teams trained for testing in companies and enterprises

We now offer the possibility of free testing for the presence of the Covid-19 virus also outside our medical facility, which is fully covered by health insurance and no additional fees are associated with it. Our mobile teams are ready for high-capacity mobile testing. We primarily focus on the South Moravian Region, but the current capacity of mobile teams in the Czech Republic is not enough to cover the needs of all companies and enterprises in our country, which are subject to mandatory employee testing. We are therefore ready to help in other regions as well. Testing in companies paid for by health insurance companies is possible every week (however, after a maximum of 72 hours for the same employee), so it is customary for us to test in the company every week on the same day and time. We are in charge of the entire testing process, including transport, material provision, collection, analysis, cleaning, disinfection, sending information SMS, overview tables and all administration associated with mandatory reporting and reporting to the health insurance company. The mobile testing is booked by filling out the booking form on our website